Thursday, 8 May 2008


So onwards and upwards with the planning for KDF. A large portion of the day was taken up with trying to design and build a suitable display stand, no bigger than 1 cubic foot to show off the tiny dolls and toys to their best advantage.

Perfectionist Partner spent a chunk of the afternoon sawing, glueing, cutting and generally fabricating from scratch a display stand, which despite all her time and energy, wasn't quite right.

Back to the drawing board and experimentation with various stepped display units, none of which were quite right either.

Until I had an epiphany!

If you've been following this blog from the start, way back in December 2006, you may remember my delight at finding some wonderful wooden display units for my toy shop. My eureka moment late this afternoon was to scoot up to the 'doll's house room' (which has been so neglected I half expected to open the door to find ivy tendrils clinging to every surface) raid the toy shop *minor guilty twinge* and bring down a wall and two corner units, which when used together make a very elegant display almost exactly the right size.

Plus they all have adjustable shelves.
Plus the shelves are perspex so they don't inhibit viewing
Plus they're all nicely painted with trailing plants across the top
Plus they are so obviously shelves from a toy shop, so they will put the toys and dolls in exactly the right context so that people aren't confused about what I'm actually exhibiting.

The perfect solution.

Perfectionist Partner was remarkably good-humoured about having effectively wasted her time all afternoon, and in any case, her display will be excellent for photographing tiny toys on so all was not lost.

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together................?

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