Sunday, 11 May 2008


My goodness it's hot!

Way too hot to work, so until it cools down a bit later, I'm engaging in some Sunday afternoon displacement activity/research & development/ebay surfing/google surfing.........tracking down supplies and materials for new projects.

This fits into the category of 'work' but only just.

Small dog is lying flat out in her basket, exposing the maximum amount of underbelly to whatever passes for a breeze filtering in from the door. She is hopeful that we might have a bbq later, which is almost as good as camping, in her opinion.

Whatever happened to spring? We seem to have gone from winter, straight into summer, bypassing spring altogether! Next thing we know, there will be a hosepipe ban, widespread drought and water rationing. Typical!

We did briefly consider going to the beach, but judging by the steady stream of traffic heading south on the A21 this morning, by now Hastings beach will resemble............

No, it's not a new version of 'Where's Wally', it is an actual beach somewhere in China.

Anyway, better get back to 'work' *ahem*

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