Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Hi ho, hi ho..........'s back to work we go.

After a deliciously relaxing few days away, it is now back to work with a vengeance. By this time next week I will have to be packed and ready for my two miniature toy workshops to be held at the Kensington Dollshouse Festival on Thursday and Friday.

Not to mention planning a spectacularly wonderful display for the showcase.

The former is well under control and will be completed in the next day or so.

The latter is not.

We have a display space of just 1 cubic foot. That's good in that I need only a few choice items.
But it's not so good in that a small display has to be absolutely perfect when viewed from all angles.
Also, I won't be able to set up the display myself, so I will have to provide a photograph and detailed instructions on how everything should be placed.

So, cue a lot of playing around with various display ideas over the next few days, with the intention of getting it completely nailed by the end of the weekend.

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