Saturday, 17 May 2008


I am so tired I can hardly think.

Now home after two 'full-on' days in London, and my two miniature toy workshops in advance of KDF.

Both sessions went really well.......4 students on Thursday and 7 on Friday.

Had a brief look around the fair on Friday, but it was absolutely heaving, with queues at every stand in the main hall. However, I did manage to see all the exhibitors on my list except for the St. Legers who were only visible from a distance behind a sea of avid collectors.

I am fit for nothing today though, so more interesting blog posts will have to wait until my muse returns, or until I have recharged my batteries.......whichever is soonest.

Oh, and small dog, who was relishing her role as business mascot, is also 'sausted and has barely moved from her basket all day.

To be continued anon.........

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