Thursday, 8 May 2008

Modern Myths Debunked # 1

Not a lot of people know this, but I am a great admirer of guinea pigs.

My last guin died over a year ago, and I still miss his furry little face and happy squeaks, especially in response to carrot and celery tops.

Now, I suppose you're either a guinea pig person or you're not. Technically they're rodents, but they're not very rodenty. For example they don't have tails, unlike mice and rats *shudder*.
They have pleasantly rounded faces, not pointy little rodenty snouts. They're relatively placid and easy to handle and don't try to shoot up your sleeve or down your jumper (much).
They're gloriously vocal and have a wide vocabulary of grunts, squeaks, whistles, purrs, durrs and chitters (to name but a few).

Despite all this, some people are very disparaging about guinea pigs, and say things like:

"Yes that's all very well, but they don't DO much do they?"

This just goes to show that these people really know nothing at all about the wide and varied secret life of the guinea pig. So in order to debunk this popular modern myth once and for all, I present Exhibit A.

I rest my case..............

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