Sunday, 18 May 2008

It begins.........

And so, renewed and refreshed after two nights of 12 hour sleeps, I am now emerging blinking into the light of a brave new world, unfettered by lengthy 'to do' lists, deadlines, stress and 14 hour working days.

What AM I going to do now?

Since the beginning of this year, 5 months ago, I've been totally focussed, first on Miniatura, then KDF and working hard towards both those goals. Not to mention getting the new website off the ground AND doing all the usual stuff involved in making a living from miniatures.

Without that framework to my working week, the temptation to drift may overwhelm me *panicky look, trying to find paper bag to breathe into......*

However, even the briefest glance at my 'Ideas Notebook' reveals a plethora of interesting new projects to work on, with a view to expanding the new website.
Not to mention lots of exciting plans for new home workshop packs.
And of course, there is the small matter of my languishing, neglected toy shop, which really does deserve some TLC.

So all in all, I don't think I'll be short of 'stuff to do', which is just as well. For as you all know, 'multi-tasking' is my middle name.

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