Friday, 9 May 2008

So much to little time........

It's always the way isn't it?

The more you have to do, the more there is to do........ 'stuff to do' seems to expand exponentially to fill the time available.

No matter how hard I try, I never seem to get to the end of my 'to do' lists.

Top of my TO DO -URGENT! list, is the prep for the Kensington workshops and the showcase display. There's a strict deadline for those so they will be ready in time.

Second on my urgent list is our end of year business accounts 2007/08. 'Nuff said.

Third on my urgent list is getting to grips with research and development for several ideas for new toys and games. I so wish that this was second on my list, but it will act as a spur to get the accounts done and dusted so I can move on to more pleasurable pursuits.
I have so many ideas which I'm bursting to try that it will be a job to decide which to try first.
I just love the whole R&D side of what I do. Very often, what I end up with bears little resemblance to what I originally planned, but this is part and parcel of wandering into artistic cul-de-sacs.

Fourth on my urgent list is doing something..........anything with my toy shop. When I opened it up yesterday to remove some of the display units I was struck by just how lovely it is, and how close to relative completion. I've done all the hard work and tricky stuff, and now it's the fun stuff........the 'distressing' and adding realistic, quirky touches.

Then there's the basement, which I bought before Christmas, and is still in kit form, packed away to lead me not into temptation.

And of course there is the small matter of finding a suitable home for my mini birthday presents, which included some gorgeous little books by Jean Day, a set of antique miniature tools, beautifully framed in a display case, and a wonderful working train layout, complete with DIY scenery, a fairytale castle, and even tiny cows and sheep!

So, after Kensington, I will definitely make a start on the accounts (yuck!) but to balance out the tedium and head-scratching and struggling with spreadsheets, I will allow myself time to work on new ideas, as well as one hour each day to work on the toy shop. My goal is to get the shop itself completely finished and stocked with my collection of fantastic tiny toys and dolls. Then relocate it to a more accessible place to free up space for Phase Two - the basement, which is to contain two separate rooms, one for a toymaker, the other for a dollmaker. The basement also provides a stretch of pavement which will be perfect for some street urchins to stand on while they press their snotty noses up against the shop windows. The toy shop owner, who is a kindly soul, may even gift them a small toy with the request to remove their noses from his windows...........

However, till then I still have lots of work to do so I'd better go and get on with it.

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