Monday, 5 May 2008

With a hey nonny nonny...........

........and a happy May Day to you to!

Home from our extremely relaxing camping trip today (blog post and photos to follow). Quickly unpacked the van and set off into Hastings for the annual May Day celebrations, consisting of
Jack-in-the-Green and the convergence of around 20,00 motorbikes and riders! The whole of the town is literally jam-packed full of motorbikes, all gleaming chrome and polished tyres, from WW1 classic bikes, right up to turbo-charged monsters worth upwards of £30,000!

Today the sun shone and all along the sea front, leather-clad bikers and Jack-in-the-Greeners mingled in perfect harmony. PP and I shared a bag of chips then moseyed on to Winkle Island for fresh seafood.

Small dog has been catching up on her naps this afternoon, and after dinner will review the photographs of the camping trip, which, predictably, feature mainly herself.

Hope everyone has had the opportunity to enjoy some sunshine this bank holiday weekend. It really feels like the start of summer at last!

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