Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Carry on camping..........

So, with the spring bank holiday looming, we are planning a short camping trip to take in the glories of nature and to enjoy the majesty of the great outdoors.

Small dog is beside herself with excitement at the prospect of camping, especially as the site we've chosen has some lovely lakeside and country walks, not to mention being on a farm with all manner of animals for her to peruse.

I am looking forward to getting away from it all for a few days with several books, my music player and ideas notebook, with the intention of doing some strategic planning.

Unfortunately the weather forecast is not encouraging, with the possiblity of rain showers practically every day. However to hardened, year-round campers such as us, the prospect of a bit of rain doesn't deter. We are taking an outside shelter/awning which will fit as close to our little camper van as possible and provide us with an outdoor room to shelter in during light showers. Should the showers develop into a steady downpour we will retreat inside the van, which has all mod cons including heating, so we're not exactly roughing it.

Unless it's blowing a gale we will be bbq-ing all evening meals in the awning, and staving off the cold with the odd glass of something cheering.
Also I'm stretching a point as far as my birthday goes and taking my resiliantly airborne helium balloons to tie outside the awning.

Small dog has a locker all to herself, which accommodates her essential accoutrements, including:
  • Her own fluffy towel for wet dog/muddy paw episodes
  • A cosy outdoor blanket with waterproof lining
  • Hot water bottle with fleecy cover
  • Waterproof coat with hood
  • Warm jumper
  • All-in-one winceyette pyjamas (yes really...see photo)
  • Dog bowls
  • Water bottle
  • Gravy bones & treats
  • Spare collar and lead
  • Pooh bags
  • Squeaky toy
  • Brush..........
So, all in all, you can see that we have mastered the art of travelling light and getting back to nature.


Line said...

Wonderful dog. Did you make it yourself?
kind regard Line from Norway

Sandra Morris said...

Thank you! The pyjamas were a present to her from one of her doggy friends. She does like to be at the forefront of style and fashion :-)