Friday, 25 April 2008

The day after.........

........the morning after the night before.

Or something.

I seem to have lost a day.

Well not lost it exactly, but after the extensive celebrations on Wednesday night I had an extremely long lie-in yesterday and spent the rest of the day in quiet R&R, recuperating from what was a most enjoyable party.

I did think about posting some photos but in the interests of protecting the anonymity of the guilty I have thought better of it.

Small dog also had an excellent time, all dolled up with her best bling collar and revelling in the attention of 25 birthday guests. She was cuddled and cossetted, cooed over and carried around, the better to see the festivities. Eventually she tumbled into bed at about 2am and was also a bit the worse for wear yesterday, having to take more than her usual quota of naps to recharge her batteries.

Still, a good time was had by all, complete with a firework finale after the birthday cake(s).
A big thanks is due to Perfectionist Partner, for organising it all with such panache, and of course to all our friends who came along to help me celebrate my half century.

Small dog has requested that I post no incriminating photos of her on the dance floor, or partying by the chimenea, so instead here's one of her taken yesterday........looking rather pale and wan, wrapped in her blanky.........

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