Monday, 28 April 2008

Monday evening..........

A very productive day!

Got most of the preparation done for the Kensington Dollshouse Festival workshops not to mention completing the next edition of the online dollclub newsletter, as well as tinkering with the workings of new website, hopefully without breaking it.

So all in all a satisfactory day.

The icing on the cake however, is the knowledge that the several hours I spent in the garden on Saturday were hours well spent.
I waged a one woman war against the inexorable march of dandelions across our lawn, having bought a rather expensive selective lawn weedkiller, which promised death and destruction to everything not grass.
Despite the effusive promises on the bottle, I remained sceptical...........

Until today.

And the sight of several hundred dandelions, lying prostrate on an otherwise unblemished lawn.

Hoo and indeed, rah!!!!

Three cheers for systemic weedkillers.

Although, given that the lawn is 75% dandelion (and other assorted weeds), this WMD may necessitate remedial action to fill in all the little bald spots.

Still, it felt like a victory of sorts.

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