Friday, 25 April 2008

Whirlwind of activity.........

So back to work with a vengeance today, after lazing around all day yesterday, snuggled up with small dog, reading, watching TV and generally taking some much needed 'time out'.

I am still installing software on the new laptop and gradually getting to grips with Vista. Despite having apparently successfully networked to the printer, the laptop and printer are only on intermittent speaking terms.

Personally I blame the printer, which is recalcitrant at the best of times. If you even look at it squint it goes into a sulk so I'm not surprised that the new laptop is having problems getting it to cooperate.

Frenzy of order packaging today, catching up with the backlog which has build up over the past few days, which means a trip to the post office shortly which will take up most of the afternoon. I think I can feel a rant coming on re post offices in general..........

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