Monday, 14 April 2008

To bee, or not to bee..............

.....that is the question.

I have a bee trapped in my head.

It is definitely a bee.

Not a wasp.
No. A wasp has an altogether more tinny, nasal, high-pitched buzz. Wasps have no class.

However, neither is it one of those sleek busy, buzzing honey bees, rushing here and there, waggling its tail to show its workmates the way to the nearest nectar rush.

Hopefully its not one of those African killer bees, so beloved of B-movie horror films.

It is a fairly benign bee. One of those big, fat, spherical bees which defy the laws of physics in being able to fly at all.
And it doesn't really buzz.
It has a low-level drone.
Almost soothing after a while.
And it's been in there a while......... since yesterday morning.
Just buzzing around.
In my head.

Just in case you're thinking that this post should come with a 'Sanity Disclaimer' perhaps I should explain that yesterday morning I started on a short, sharp shock, high-dose medication, which is supposed to deal with some disturbing new MS symptoms.

I'm always just a bit wary of starting any new medication, just in case it sends me doo lally, as they are wont to do. The bee is not as bad a reaction as I'd feared.

Especially when taken in context against the very long list of potential side effects which run to several pages.

So all in all I'm happy with just having a bee in my head.

For the time beeing..........*feeble pun*
Ok I'll buzz off now.
Yes I wouldn't get puns this toe-curling in a bad 'B' movie.

But this is truly unbeelievable..................and strangely compelling. It appeals to my inner bee on any number of levels.

Odd too that so many of them appear to be Yorkies. Is this a sign...........?


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