Wednesday, 23 April 2008


After a dull and rainy start to the day, the sun has just come out for my birthday!!!

Small dog was unceremoniously plucked from her bed early this morning and subjected to a bath which she regarded as an affront. Especially as it wasn't HER birthday!

However she is not one to hold a grudge and she thoughtfully helped me open my presents after breakfast, running off with the ribbons and wrapping paper to decorate her basket.

We have just finished the food preparations for the party this evening and the buffet table looks like it's set for the feeding of the five thousand. We can't even fit a wafer thin mint in the fridge and the freezer is groaning with ice for chilling the party drinks later.

Several surprise visits from friends this morning, bearing flowers and good wishes, and the post has produced a plethora of cards from well-wishers.

Perfectionist partner has popped into town for something involving helium, small dog is having a nap before the festivities and I'm having a pre-party drink to set me up for the evening.

It's not so bad being 50...........

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