Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Day Two..........

On Sunday, day two of the fair, we woke to brilliant sunshine, which set the tone for thewhole day.
Arrived early again, as the hour before opening to the public was designated for exhibitors to browse and shop with each other. This was a godsend for me as perfectionist partner had spent most of the time on Saturday in the van dog-sitting, shuttling across to the hall every few hours to bring me refreshments and allow me 'comfort breaks'.

However, even the shopping hour on Sunday morning wasn't nearly long enough and there were still lots of my favourite makers I didn't get the chance to visit.

Doors opened at 10am and a flood of eager miniatures enthusiasts were released into the hall and from then till lunchtime there was a steady flow of visitors to my stand. I talked myself hoarse, explaining how the little toy dolls are made and chatting with visitors about their (and mine) dollshouses. By lunchtime I was seriously flagging, and throughout the afternoon the excitement and exhilaration had taken their toll and I was fit to drop. 4.30 pm rolled round and the show was pronounced closed........time to pack up and ferry the remains of our stock back to the van, where small dog was once again in fine fettle and looking forward to getting back to the campsite for her walk.

It was something of a challenge trying to fit everything back into the van so that we could actually move around in it, but once back on the site, with the late afternoon sun glinting on the lake, a sense of peace and calm descended.......aided by a glass of Merlot to celebrate our success.

So, all in all, a very worthwhile experience.

Oh, and just to prove our credentials.

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