Saturday, 26 April 2008

Garden tales..........

A gloriously sunny day today......warmest so far apparently. A day to relax in the warm sunlight with a good book and a glass of something highly chilled.

Or not.

Much better to dig out half a ton of pebbles from the gully around the patio, then wash them all clean of clay. Back-breaking, hard work.....even sitting down, which is how I performed my duties as pebble-washer (first class). By the end of the session I resembled nothing so much as a small, muddy garden gnome. Even small dog, who had been helpfully nosing around in the empty, but still clay-caked gully had bits of garden detritus glued onto her nose with wet clay.

So far we have cleared a 4 foot stretch.

Only another 24 to go.

We'll probably be completely immobilised with back-pain tomorrow. However, it is a job which has to be done to stop the patio from flooding as with all the mud and clay cleared out, the water will be able to percolate down through the pebbles and run down the gully into the drain.

Or it will when we've done the other 24 feet.


Anyway, here's small dog savouring the sunshine...........

and a view of a sunny spot completely devoid of buckets of clay and piles of pebbles.............

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