Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Plans & Projects......

So, with the exhilaration of Miniatura over, I must now turn my thoughts to 'what next'? Not in any existential 'meaning of life way.......but in a much more practical and prosaic 'work-related' way.

There are already a number of pressing items on my 'to do' list, the least enticing of which is preparing the end of year accounts for 2007-08. All being well, I will embark on that task next week, unless something more fascinating turns up, like catching up with the ironing, or scraping algae off the patio.

Then there are the two workshops I'm running for the Kensington Dollshouse Festival next month, for which the preparation is already well in hand. Although perhaps not so well advanced as it might be.
As I have also been accepted as a showcase exhibitor at KDF this year, I will have to design a small display which should be no bigger than 1 cubic foot which will be exhibited in a glass showcase for the three days of the Festival.

Beyond that I have a blank slate, which is rather exciting, liberating and scary all at the same time. Normally, at the beginning of the year, we produce a programme of one day workshops to run throughout the year, so I have a basic framework to hang all the other work-related stuff on. However this year, with the prospect of having to prepare for Miniatura, not to mention KDF, we decided to delay any decisions on a workshop programme, which in the event, was very wise.

We have tentative plans for a new series of workshop packs to be accompanied by a DVD video tutorial. Having already successfully uploaded a few tutorials onto our website, we are now painfully aware of the technical difficulties involved in producing a good quality video. These difficulties also extend to mastering the presentation software as in order for the tutorial to be 'user-friendly' it has to have 'chapters' to allow students to move back and forth through the various sections. The whole process is time-consuming and often frustrating and involves lots of trial and error.

Actually, if I'm honest, it's been mostly error, but we learn more with each tutorial.

Then there's my new online toy shop, which I've been 'toying with' for the past few days. If I could only discipline myself to spend an hour a day on it, then it should be ready to go live in a few weeks and it certainly needs to be ready in time for KDF.
However I have identified the need for some further planning before I go any further with Zen Cart, which I hope will save me a lot of possibly wasted time in the future. This may sound like prevarication, and I hold up my hands to that in many areas, but in this case I have to rein in my natural tendency to just get stuck in and 'do stuff' without thinking carefully about what should go where. I've got all the jigsaw pieces but I need to find the picture first to see where they should all go.

If that makes sense.

Plus there is the small matter of my long-neglected toy shop, which was the impetus for starting this blog in the first place.
The new basement is still in kit form, and I'm determined not to start it until I have the shop itself finished. It is tantalisingly close to completion but I just can't find the time or the energy to kick-start the final push.

So having just articulated all of the above, it is now startlingly clear to me that I should not be resting on my laurels, but cracking on with it all.

Onwards and upwards................

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