Monday, 14 April 2008

Little Red Riding Hoolf............

We had a long overdue visit from two very close friends on Saturday. Due to mitigating circumstances we haven't been able to see them for ages and ages.

So cue an afternoon of laughing, crying, indulging in a group howl and generally behaving like our shoe sizes rather than our ages, aided and abetted by a bottle or two of wine.

At some point (and Perfectionist Partner denies any involvement or knowledge in this, despite the fact she was in the kitchen at the time) it seemed like a good idea to put Small Dog into their basket, which they had brought filled with goodies to share.

I must have had a glass of wine too many, for I remember dissolving into fits of giggles, and rushing to find my camera, declaring that she looked just like 'Little Red Riding Hoolf'

Sometimes wine make my speaking English good.

Of course I meant to say that she looked like Little Red Riding Hood.
Or the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood.

But it got lost in translation.

Still......... quite good I think.

Small dog seems less than impressed, which is her default position these days. Normally she would enter into the spirit of the thing and ham it up for all her worth.

However the position of her ears leads me to believe that she was contemplating leaping out of the basket and going for one of us.

Probably me.

They say animals don't like to be laughed at and she had four of us, all in various stages of inebriation, laughing like loons.

Well it seemed funny at the time.

I'll get me coat..............


Deep Squeaker said...


Definitely disgruntled.

You can tell by the position of the ears.


Sandra Morris said...

The ears are always a dead giveaway.
Doesn't pay to ignore the ears.