Monday, 7 April 2008

It's a small dog's world..........

Imagine small dog's delight this morning, when into our inbox popped a message from Jilli Dog, thanking her for her kind words on the blog and for being such a fan!

Yes really!!

Not only that, she also received advance notification of Jilli's new videos, which will be filmed in Italy later this year.
Such is small dog's enthusiasm that she insisted I share just one more item featuring her pin-up.

This is more in by way of an interactive game for those seeking major displacement activity. Just visit the following website
(you may need to cut and paste the link into your browser)

It's pretty self explanatory but you have to guess what tricks Jilli Dog can do and type your guesses, one at a time. There are at least 15 commands, and in the spirit of investigative blogging, small dog and I spent quite some time earlier today finding every single one of them.

Small dog will send a prize to the first person who emails me with the complete list.


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