Friday, 18 April 2008

Sleepless night.........

Pounding headache notwithstanding, I spent a sleepless night, worrying about the demise of my laptop.

For those of you not wedded to your computer this might seem a tad excessive, but in my case, the laptop contains EVERYTHING business related, from workshop programmes to costume instructions and patterns for every doll I've ever created.

Not to mention all tax/financial information for the past 5 years.

Not to mention just about everything else in personal terms from finances to holiday planning.

In short, my entire life.

I've managed to back up all the most important stuff, but there are lots of other things, emails for example, which are not so easy to save, file and transfer.

Anyhoo, still awake at stupid o'clock this morning, trying to decide on a course of action till finally I could stand it no longer.

So, at some point tomorrow, a shiny new laptop will arrive by courier.

That's the easy bit.

Then I have to get it set up, install all the programmes I need, connect it to the network, get it connected to the internet, wirelessly connect to printer etc, install all my files and documents AND get to grips with Vista, which I haven't used before.

I can guarantee that not all of the above will go smoothly.

So much for a leisurely run-up to my birthday

Normal service may (or may not) be resumed as soon as possible.

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