Thursday, 17 April 2008

The last straw..............

My laptop has a major problem.

The display adapter (ie graphics card etc) has broke, which means that my screen is unreadable.

So today has been a complete write-off.......... spent ages attempting to identity the problem, trying assorted troubleshooters, downloading drivers then phoning the local laptop doctor who commiserated but said it was an uneconomic repair even if I could manage to get the relevant part for a 5 year old machine, which would be unlikely.

Cue tears of frustration.

And rage.

And more frustration.

Now I have to buy a new laptop, toute de suite, and attempt to transfer everything off the old one.

Which will be interesting as the screen is covered in tiny little dancing specks and bars which continually rain down from top to bottom, making everything look alive and giving me the mother and father of all headaches.

On the plus side, for a fraction of the price I paid for the old one I will get a state of the art machine.
On the minus side, it will take ages to load all the programmes, transfer all the files and that's without the nightmare of getting it networked and trying, probably unsuccessfully, to export all my emails etc.

I now have an excruciatingly pounding headache behind my right eye and I'm going to bed.

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