Monday, 28 April 2008

Monday morning..........

Doing what I do, and enjoying it so much, I rarely get the Monday morning blues. On a morning like we have here now (clear blue skies, light breeze, brilliant sunshine) it is even less likely.

As ever, I have a 'to do' list of gargantuan proportions, with top priority going to preparations for my two workshop sessions at the Kensingston Dollshouse Festival on 15/16 May. We put several hours in yesterday, and will do so again today.

I'm also long overdue casting my three wonderful new Cynthia Howe doll moulds for three girls. I have some special projects in mind for those *secret smile*

Our online dollclub newsletter is also overdue so I have to tidy up the loose ends and get it finished.

Not to mention our next project, which has been shrouded in mystery primarily because I've been trying to source some materials which have proved elusive.........

So, there is no lack of 'stuff to do'. But it is all enjoyable and while the sun is shining into the workroom it's hard to feel anything other than invigorated and enthused.

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