Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Day 12 - 'Tis the season......

I'm not a fan of January and February.  

These two months have more than their fair share of dark, dank, dismal, damp, depressing days, which, after all the glamour and glitz of the festive season, hit especially hard.

It's so tempting just to hunker down and wait it out, counting down the days till March, when at least there is the prospect of spring just around the corner.

However, this year I'm going to try to escape from hibernation mode and use January and February to good effect by doing a bit of nest-building.

D'you recall last March (yes, OVER a year ago) we were girding our loins to redecorate the bedroom.  If so, you'll remember the major stumbling block to what is otherwise a damn fine plan.

That monumental wardrobe.

Yes....... well, almost a year on and we still haven't tackled that project, but I've decided that the time has come. 

The time is NOW.

Or rather it will be now, when we've worked up to it.  We're going to ease ourselves in by tackling a smaller DIY project first. 

Before and after photos will be posted in due course.  Bet you can't wait........

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debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

yes I totally agree I hate the winter months,good that you have earmarked a project,looking forward to seeing before and after