Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Day 6 - Return to Ebay......

I'm aiming to take Tower House Dolls in some new directions this year..... spreading my wings and taking on some new creative challenges.

In addition, as well as a planning a revamp of the website, I'm also going to overhaul my Etsy store and following a gap of over a year, this week I've returned to selling on Ebay.

Needless to say, the process wasn't entirely painless..... things have changed since my last Ebay foray, and despite spending hours preparing my listing it doesn't look quite as I'd intended but it's now up and running so I'm going to leave well alone.

So, my initial listing of 2015 is my very first French-style Miniature Mignonette Doll in a presentation box, complete with a selection of costumes and accessories.

Absolutely everything (apart from the tiny silver Eiffel Tower charm) has been handmade by me, including the box.

Bespoke, silk lined box measures 3" wide, 3" deep and 2  1/2" high

The box contains a miniature Jumeau-style Mignonette doll

Dressed in a bustled, hairstripe silk jacket over a pleated silk dress
Accessories include a tiny parasol and a miniature Eiffel Tower charm

In the lid, two silk dresses on hangers
Matching bonnet and teeny tiny gloves

 The porcelain doll measures just 1  3/4" tall 
and has jointed arms and legs

 Strawberry blonde ringlet curls wig
under a pretty pleated silk and lace bonnet

 Rear view of jacket and bonnet

Nestling in my hand to show her tiny size.....

The auction ends on Sunday 11 January at 4.00 pm, GMT and you can find the listing, with full details HERE

Good luck if you decide to bid.....!


Clothes Shack said...

Wow you are extremely talented :D How beautiful

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Kelly :)

Magdalena said...

Such a pretty box - I'm amazed how tiny the accessories are, yet so detailed. Good luck for 2015

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Magdalena.....
Although these are ostensibly 1/12th scale toys for doll's house children, their small size makes them more similar to 1/24th.
In other words, 1/2 inch = 1 foot in full size.

Robin said...

The whole package is exquisite!