Saturday, 31 January 2015

Day 30 - Ta Dah......!

Finally.... here we are.

Day 30 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

A post every single day for 30 days.... that's almost half as many as the whole of last year! Not only that, I've been multitasking like a productivity ninja all month too.

I know.

I can't quite believe it either.

It feels like a long time since the beginning of January, and my first challenge post.  I can't claim to have succeeded in my quest to write 'shimmering prose' but I've enjoyed the journey, and have even managed to rekindle affection for my blog, which had been languishing in neglect for far too long.

So, what now?

Well, since I signed up for this, (and if you're a fellow blogger and fancy having a go yourself, simply visit Sarah Arrow's 30 Day Blogging Challenge ) I've received an email from Sarah every day, with helpful hints, tips, suggestions, tools and resources.  Many of the emails also contained tasks designed to improve your blogging prowess.

I must admit I've mostly 'free-styled' over the course of the last 30 days, so I'm going to go systematically through every email and carefully implement all of the suggestions which are relevant to me.

I'm also determined to post more consistently this year, although I will most certainly be taking tomorrow off.

However, to round off this challenge, it has been brought to my attention that in my first post I wrote...

"There will be action, adventure, elephants, intrigue, exposés, and exclusive insights."



Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Congratulations! Raising my hat and giving a bow. Don't know how you did it, all those words!

Penelope said...

Congratulations!! It is very impressive.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations Sandra. I've enjoyed every day!

Daydreamer said...

I have really enjoyed the resurrection.... excitement.... elephants.... and Small Dogness of your posting challenge! Bravo for making it through! And I do hope you will keep up the energy.... motivation... multi-tasking and other Wonders of this blog!
That is the thing about blogs.... there are people out there watching.... reading your posts! I really enjoy your humor.... that should probably be "humour?" and your creativity.... I love your tiny dolls!

Neen said...

Congratulations on meeting the 30 day challenge with great posts! I have only one question: did you go on the safari with SD, or did she go alone?

Neen xx

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks everyone :)

Neen.... Small Dog went on safari courtesy of Photoshop ;)