Saturday, 10 January 2015

Day 9 - Displacement activity versus research

It's a horrible, cold, wet, windy day.

Way too windy to go for a walk down on the seafront.  Besides, Small Dog hates performing the function of a small, furry kite.

I've had a lovely morning, pottering in the workroom, finalising the design of some new miniature toy theatres and revisiting my Alice-themed shop window project, measuring up and deciding on paint colours etc.

But the failing afternoon light, coupled with the increasing cold has driven me into the sitting room, where I'm now snuggled up in armchair in front of a roaring fire.

I've a mind to do some research on a new line of vintage toys, so I'm bracing myself to descend into the black hole of displacement that is Pinterest.

It's taken me a little while to warm to Pinterest but I am now firmly in its clutches.  As a form of brainwashing it's little short of brilliant.  Every day I get a 'helpful' email suggesting new boards I might like to visit.  Unless I resist the temptation to click on even one of them, that's another half day of my life I'm never going to see again.

Of course, disguising my Pinterest addiction as research using Pinterest as a business tool is a completely valid excuse reason to spend an entire afternoon a few hours browsing. 

Honestly, you wouldn't believe the number of boards featuring Mignonette dolls, vintage games,  antique miniature toys...... it's a displacement activity junkie's serious collector's delight.

I'm going in.

I may be gone for some time.......

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Debbie said...

See you tomorrow then, once you've torn yourself away from another board. Its just so addictive..