Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Day 19 - Work or displacement activity....?

I'm a great fan of the late, great, Martin Marty Mouse

And yes, I know he's a rat, not a mouse, but as he so succinctly puts it, "It's my name.  Like Michael J. Fox is not a fox....."

He opened my eyes to a whole world of ratty wonders... the fact that Mondays can be cancelled, and that yogies are an essential part of internashunal bizness.

He is also something of a life coach, and his calls to action are the stuff of legend.  I am particularly drawn to the one above.

Yayyy Marty!  Procrastinators of the world unite....... sometime soon.

I had Marty's advice firmly in mind when I'd spent a whole morning packaging orders and getting my paperwork up to date.  All the while I was thinking about what to do this afternoon. I currently have various projects clamouring for my attention, supplies to order, commissions to complete.  So what to do first.....?

The correct answer is, of course, none of them.

No, I decided instead to start going through my cupboards with a view to having a sort out, clear out and reorganisation.

To be fair it's long overdue.  I've got to that point where I can't find anything and spend no end of time just moving stuff from one area to another in a vain attempt to locate something I had just a minute ago.  I'm also having to brace myself every time I open a cupboard door, against the onslaught of stuff tumbling out.

If I had PLANNED to start sorting through the cupboards today you can be sure that something completely different would have claimed my attention, but I seem to have managed to fool my rampant procrastination/displacement activity tendencies into believing that I'm doing it in order to avoid doing anything else.

Clever eh?

So, several hours of sorting have produced just one tidy, organised cupboard.  Actually it's half of a cupboard but it's behind one door so I can sort of legitimately claim that it's one cupboard.

Actually, if I'm going to strictly accurate, it's not quite half of the whole cupboard.  Let's be generous and call it a third.

I have tidied and reorganised one third of one whole two door cupboard.


Actually, now that I look at it, it's not much to show for two hours work but trust me, there was a lot of miscellaneous stuff in there that had to be sorted through and relocated.  I had to make labels for boxes and everything.

Incidentally, for the uninitiated,  guddle is very useful old Scots word

Messy, shit hole (Scottish slang term)
"This room is a right guddle. Get it tidied"
Still..... progress is progress.  One down, nine to go.



Debbie said...

I got a bit of a Guddle to sort out myself Sandra. LOL x

debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

every so often I have a sort out!! and I promise myself, this time I will keep it tidy, it never happens, so I give up and now can work in a muddle, good luck with your tidying up. x

Sandra Morris said...

My cupboards reorganisation is long overdue.... I'm finding things I didn't even know I had!