Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Day 13 - Best laid plans.......

I knew it.

I just knew it.......

I wrote yesterday about tackling a minor DIY project by way of limbering up for the challenge of redecorating our bedroom.  

I expected it to take half a day.  Max.


You'd think that by now I'd know better.

The project in question is our entrance porch which measures a diminutive 2 metres long by 1 metre wide.  It's home to a motley collection of shoes, boots, wellies, coats, hats, gloves, dog walking requisites etc, which till recently have mostly been piled down the end.  The carpet is threadbare and the whole thing has been looking increasingly scruffy and neglected.  

It is most definitely NOT an edifying entrance.

However, for Christmas, PP's son-in-law made her a bespoke shoe rack, which will neatly hold ALL the footwear, tidying and organising the space in one fell swoop.  So it seemed like a good idea to replace the worn carpet, and add a few finishing touches.  A nice, easy, and above all QUICK makeover.

On Monday we found a good quality carpet remnant, in the perfect colour, enough to do the floor twice over (so we even have a piece in reserve) for a laughably small sum, so yesterday we were good to go.

This is where it all went Pete Tong.

We emptied the porch and lifted the old carpet to discover that we had sprung a leak.  One corner of the floor, nearest the door was absolutely saturated with rainwater.


So, we not only had to lift the carpet, but take up the whole floor, in order to try to trace the leak, which we suspect is at the bottom of the window frame.  We lugged the floor sections indoors to dry them out and set off to buy some sealant.  

This is the current scene in the porch.

Once the leaky area has been properly sealed and dried out, and the floor sections are thoroughly dry, we can relay the floor, hopefully later today and be back at our initial starting point from yesterday.

A whole day's effort and we've ended up with more of a mess than we started with.


Hopefully, by the end of today we will at least have a fully functioning floor.  One which means we don't have to take a flying leap over the chasm. If it is newly carpeted that will be a bonus.

This may not bode well for the much trickier bedroom makeover......


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