Thursday, 22 January 2015

Day 21 - Surprise find........

My current workroom reorganisation is throwing up all sorts of things I never knew I had.

One such was a box which at first glance contained an assortment of silk ribbons and trimmings in shades of green and jade, which I set about sorting in order to return them to their correct colour-coded boxes.  However, in the bottom of the box I discovered a little partly dressed toy doll.  She had her underwear and socks, as well as her silk shoes, which were in a shade of olive green.  Also in the box was a length of pleated silk ribbon in the same shade as her shoes, so I had obviously intending dressing her at some point in the dim and distant past but hadn't got very far.

Poor neglected wee soul...... I have no idea how long she'd been shivering, all alone in that box.  Quite some time I suspect as I haven't been through any of those boxes since my workroom makeover almost two year ago.   

All of my little dolls start off as a puddle of liquid porcelain slip, and over the course of a few weeks undergo a magical metamorphosis to emerge as dainty miniature dolls ready for costuming, and they each develop their own personality during their creation.

As you can see, they're always up for bit of larking about with their friends, so I felt particularly bad for the little one I found all on her own, without any of her doll compatriots for company.

So, to make amends, today I set about completing her costume and here she is...

I've named her Olive, for obvious reasons.

Her olive-green pleated silk and lace costume is completed by a stylish silk toque hat which I think particularly suits her.

She is now listed on the Tower House Dolls website and you can find full details HERE.

Hmmm....I wonder what other forgotten projects surprises I will come across during my long-overdue re-organisation.


debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

how could you forget her,never mind you have redeemed yourself by making her a beautiful dress,she looks happy to be found. x

Sandra Morris said...

Aww.... thanks Debbie.
I hope she forgives me :) Sx