Saturday, 17 January 2015

Day 16 - Everything Alice.......

I've been down the rabbit hole all this week, making teeny, tiny, wee Alice dolls, and finalising the new design of my Alice in Wonderland miniature toy theatres.

I also received a lovely surprise gift from one of my best customers..... a miniature Alice in Wonderland book.

My Alice themed shop window project is gradually coming together..... not much actual work on it so far but the ideas are flowing and I'm gathering together all the bits and pieces I'll need to complete it.

However, my most exciting purchase this week is a simply WONDERFUL Alice in Wonderland tea set, which I commissioned from the very talented miniature artisan  Julie Lawton.   

Isn't it just AMAZING?!  It's all completely handmade and it's so perfectly small.  See the 5 pence coin on the left?  That's to reference the scale.

The magic pouring teapot is inspired..... how clever is that?

 The sugar bowl is presided over by the Mad March Hare!

A grinning Cheshire Cat adorns the milk jug....

'Eat Me' cookies and a snoozing dormouse on the teacups.

I am beyond delighted, and eagerly await their arrival next week.  You can see more of Julie's work on her Ebay page HERE.

So my box of Alice goodies is filling fast...... curiouser and curiouser 

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