Sunday, 4 January 2015

Day 3 - I'm listing......

In preparation for a proper return to work tomorrow, I’ve been doing some pre-emptive organising.

You know the kind of thing…… making lists, making lists of lists.

General list-making.

I’m a great fan of lists.  I practically have a PhD in list making.  If you ever need a kick-arse list made, I’m your woman.

Lists aren’t the problem.  It’s the execution I tend to fall down on.

I’m a bit like Arnold Rimmer  from Red Dwarf.  He’s my all-time role model when it comes to being organised.  I too have been known to take so long creating a beautifully crafted, colour-coordinated planner that I haven’t actually had the time to action any of the plans.  

However, any time I find a tool to make my list making easier, I simply cannot resist.
So I am delighted to announce that I have found just such a tool.

*cue twinkly, sparkly, reveal music*

I have discovered…….*drum roll*  Wunderlist.  

*reverential awed silence closely followed by collective intake of breath……*

Wunderlist is, quite simply, the Holy Grail of listmaking.  But don’t take my word for it.
Below is a pukka review, written by someone who is clearly a woman after my own heart. She maintains a grand total of TWENTY FIVE active lists.  And like her, I’ve a penchant for emphatic capitals too.

So, what with teetering on the edge of becoming a productivity ninja AND being fully equipped with Wunderlist, the world is my lobster and I’m ready to hit the ground of the first working Monday of 2015 running.

Or at the very least a gentle trot.

Oh, who am I kidding…?  I’ll settle for an ungainly waddle.

For fellow listaholics, what follows is an actual review on the free app Wunderlist.   I don’t just make this stuff up you know……

5.0 out of 5 stars I don't know how I lived WITHOUT Wunderlist., June 30, 2013
XXXX  XXXXX "Tough Critic" (Houston, TX)
This review is from: Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks (App)

I've been using it for a couple of years, and I don't think I would have SURVIVED that time period without it. I KNOW that my life would have been MUCH MORE DIFFICULT, because I would have overlooked at LEAST 50% of things I wanted or needed to do.

I may as well confess that I am OLD--I soon will be 69--and my brain is apparently OLDER than I am, based on its behavior.

I maintain TWENTY-FIVE separate lists within Wunderlist. They include TODAY--for things I must accomplish before the day is over, to THIS WEEK, the purpose of which is obvious.

They also include RESEARCH TO DO, and this is where I paste all the links that I don't have time to visit now, but don't want to miss altogether. It also includes things that pop into my mind, like a song from the 60's, that I can't stop and listen to right now, but will when I have a little "play time."

There are two lists for WRITING: One specific to a book I am planning, and the other just for ideas of thing I MIGHT like to write about someday.

There is a list of great QUOTATIONS I hear and don't want to "lose," and a list of HOUSEHOLD TIPS I may actually get off my behind and try some day,

There is a WISHLIST (which is kind of a bucket list) and a HOUSE WISHLIST that contains all the things that I would like to do to improve my house if I ever have "two nickles to rub together."

There is a list of PROJECTS I hope to find the money and energy to attempt eventually.

I could go on and on--and HAVE, obviously, but I don't think Wunderlist can be beat. I have tried various computer to do list programs--one I even PAID for--and I haven't found anything that comes close.

It is easy to use--setting up a new list takes about 30 seconds, if that. Moving items from one list to another is effortless.

To put it succinctly, WUNDERLIST is perfect!


Debbie said...

Not another web site to waste a few hours on Sandra..Will now have to go and investigate... :)

Sandra Morris said...

Debbie..... aahh, but this is a valuable business tool, so doesn't count as displacement activity.
Just like Pinterest... ;) Sx

ginnysminis said...

Pinterest....PINTEREST.....who mentioned Pinterest....the best wish list EVER!!!! happy listing Sandra xx

Sandra Morris said...

I am valiantly trying to control my Pinterest addiction.
With limited success! ;) Sx