Saturday, 17 January 2009

5 weeks.............

With just five weeks to go till the Thame fair, and after such an inauspicious start to the New Year, I am belatedly trying to move up a gear and get on with all the many and various projects which I'd hoped to have ready in time for the fair.

High up my list of 'things to do' was redesign the chassis for my new Victorian perambulator and the exotic pullalong toys I'm currently working on. The new materials for that arrived in the post this morning and are just absolutely perfect so I'm quite excited.

As well as being more pleasing to the eye, the new chassis will be quicker to make and is an all-round better design solution. The downside is that the new materials are more expensive, so that will mean a modest price rise but then, 'quality costs'.

When checking my 'followers' today I noticed that another has snuck into the fold while I was otherwise occupied.

So welcome to Grace Griffin, another highly talented miniature artisan from the US whose blog TreeFeathers was one of the first I discovered in the blogosphere. Grace makes a wonderfully eclectic range of books and miniature accessories, and her blog is always entertaining and informative.

Off now to batten down the hatches as we're promised gale force winds tonight. In an ironic twist of fate we just might wake up in Kansas in the morning...........


rosanna said...

Sorry I didn't write yesterday but I was a utter wreck. does PP feel better? and you as well? Mini hugs =))

Sandra Morris said...

Hi Rosanna,
Yes, PP is feeling better, although noticing every tiny twinge and ache!
We're keeping everything crossed it doesn't happen again :-)