Saturday, 3 January 2009

Strategic planning............

Ok, so today has been a good start to the New Year.

Not only have I successfully managed to find the floor in the workroom, I have also been engaged in some important strategic forward business planning and the making of reams of lists.

I have even made some inroads into the backlog of orders which have accumulated while we've been merrymaking.

So it's all good.

Even small dog put in an appearance at an impromptu business brunch, although I suspect that her attendance owed more to the presence of bacon sandwiches, than to her positive work ethic.

Perhaps I misjudge her, but I doubt it. Straight after tea and Kit-Kats had been scoffed, and the last of the business lists shuffled together, she immediately retired to her new found hot spot up against the radiator in the hall, courtesy of us having brought in the duvet style sleeping bags from our campervan for a wash.

It took just half an hour from them being deposited on the floor to await laundry for her to discover and adopt them as her latest favourite nap-pad. They're folded several times and are quite bulky so she has to jump up on top, which fortuitously brings her level with the radiator. Perched up there on layers of fluffy duvet she looks very like the easily bruised princess from "The Princess and the Pea" fairy tale .

She has a hard life.


TreeFeathers said...

Hi Sandra, you've got a blog award! You can pick it up from my blog:

Debbie said...

Sandra, I spent a couple of hours reading through your blog from start to finish. With plenty of laughter on the way, especially about the fat squirrel. It's still making me chuckle..
I'll be adding you to my blog roll and writing about your blog on my blog today. I'll also add your website to my mini links page.
Mini Hugs

Erika Jansson said...


What a beautiful blog you have.

Debbie said...

Sandra, if you'd like to see what I've written about you today please visit my blog:
I've told everyone to come and say Hi.