Sunday, 18 January 2009

Windy city..................

Was just dropping off to sleep last night when I was jolted back to wakefulness by an almighty crash from the garden. Donned slippers and dressing gown and joined PP outside on the patio in the driving wind and rain to see what had happened.

I imagined that the glass windows in the shed had blown out but instead we discovered that the top section of the cast iron chimenea had blown off and clattered down onto the shingle. We spent a few windblown minutes trying to lash down dustbin lids and assorted plant pots then beat a hasty retreat indoors and upstairs, to where small dog was keeping a watching brief from the bottom of the bed.

Today, despite the high winds, it looked lovely and sunny outside so we set off down to the seafront to blow away the cobwebs with our usual walk from West St Leonards towards the pier.

Walking west to east the wind was on our backs, and small dog trotted out in front, stopping occasionally to pick up her 'wee-mails' or regard the waves breaking onto the groynes and shingle.

Walking back east to west was a whole different kettle of fish and even small dog with her aerodynamic shape was struggling to make headway against the wind. Talking was impossible, and even breathing was difficult, so it was with relief that we finally made it back to the car. Sheltered from the elements we sat and watched the seagulls playing 'chicken' with the waves, and marvelled at the tenacity of a dog whose owner was (rather foolhardily we thought) throwing stones into the surf for the dog to chase. One huge wave caught it unawares and completely submerged it just a few feet from the beach........thankfully it escaped the undertow and staggered shakily up onto the shingle where it exacted its revenge by shaking itself all over its owner.

Serves him right.

Small dog, who was watching avidly from her vantage point on my lap, couldn't suppress a shudder of distaste. She is not a water-lover and had walked on the shingle under duress, escaping up onto the promenade at the first available opportunity.

So I don't think she'll be doing this any time soon.............

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Debbie said...

Glad you didn't have the winds we had last night.. Howling round the house like a Banshee..We were having to brace ourselves against the wall to stop it blowing us over..Although my eldest got knocked off his feet. Not that he'd like me to tell you that..
Glad your all ok..