Thursday, 8 January 2009

Exciting day.............

Aside from the excitement of zombie dogs, squirrels and the like, the postman delivered another frisson of excitment in the form of some new molds, which have just arrived from the US.

I just love getting new molds. These in particular, are exceptionally fine, and will make some wonderful new tiny toy dolls. The bodies are incredibly detailed so it will be almost a shame to dress them. Photos will be posted as soon as I have the first few ready. I had hoped to add the cherry to my cake by having time to do a first casting today, but instead, packaging orders took up most of my day and the light is too bad now to make a start so that's on my 'to do' list for tomorrow.

In other news, the revised date for the Kensington Christmas Festival 2009 was released today, and revealed as 21st November. Ever keen to get a head start on preparation I have installed a shiny new countdown timer on my desktop, which perkily informs me that there are just 316 days to go, so no worries there then.

What IS worrying is that the other countdown timer on my desktop (a girl can never have too many countdown timers) is showing a mere 44 days till the Thame Dollshouse & Miniatures Fair .

I still have reams of lists with ideas for new toys and games, some of which will reach fruition in time *fingers crossed*

All I need is more energy, more daylight, more hours in the day and less predisposition to dally with the displacement goblins. But we all know that isn't going to happen.

Especially not the latter.

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