Saturday, 3 January 2009

Hi ho, hi ho..............'s back to work we go.

Actually Monday 5 January is our official 'back to work' day, but in order for that to happen, there has to be a massive clear up in the workroom, which has functioned as Christmas spillover storage area for the past two weeks.

It is now virtually inaccessible. I'm sure there's a floor in there somewhere, it's just finding it which is going to be the problem.

However the sun is shining and the year is yet young, so nil desperandum and all that.

Small dog has wisely taken herself off for a nap so I won't expect any help from her direction unless I come across items which either rustle or sqeak, in which case she will miraculously appear like a small, hairy genie.

I'm going to tackle it in 30 minute bursts interspersed with 10 minute breaks so I don't get too disillusioned and despondent.

Sounds like a plan...............

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