Friday, 9 January 2009

Fair exchange...........

After banishing the displacement goblins this morning I managed to catch up with a backlog of orders and do a post run. Out of the five going out today, only one was to a customer in the UK. The others were heading for the US, Finland, France and Spain.

The dire state of the £GBP in the money markets now means that we are seeing a complete reversal of the situation in the middle of last year, when the pound was riding high against the US$, reaching the dizzy heights of 2 dollars to the pound at one point. At that time, US orders were relatively thin on the ground. However as the pound nudges ever downwards against the dollar, and almost reaches parity with the euro, we are seeing more and more overseas customers taking advantage of the great exchange rates firmly in their favour.

This has happened before of course, as money markets have fluctuated over the years, but the visible effects haven't been so immediate or so marked.

In other news, I have been working on a prototype miniature Victorian perambulator suitable for a little 1/12th scale girl's dolls and toys. I'll post a photo when it is finally finished.


Debbie said...

Love the old picture Sandra. Can't wait to see the Prototype..

San said...

Hello Sandra! Thanks to Debbie's recommendation on her blog, I've been having a blast reading your posts from Day 1. They both thrill and chill. Chill because I now no longer know how in the world am I going to realise the full potential of my Indian "palace" when I have none of your experience and even less of your talent.Any"hoo", I am really keen to see your elephant pullalong. Will you post pics? Thanks!

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks San :-) I hope I've managed to communicate that despite my years of experience, I still mess up all the time :-/
I am so envious of your Indian trip. I am fascinated by all things Indian so I'm looking forward to learning more about your sounds such an intriguing project.
Yes I will post pics of my elephant pullalong when it's finished :-)