Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Despite a certain amount of displacement activity today *ahem* I have also been working on an idea for a rather exotic new pullalong toy....a ceremonial elephant complete with howdah.

I am pleased to say that today I made the howdah.

Actually wove the wicker and everything. It even has a sumptuous little silk cushion fitted to the seat. No expense spared.

It was one of those rare episodes in the working miniaturist's life in which everything goes just right first time. In fact I enjoyed myself so much I began to feel guilty about having fun.

However, I now have to work out the best way to mount the howdah on the back of the elephant for best effect. I have a sinking feeling that the next stage might not go quite so smoothly.

And for those who are not versed in the sartorial accoutrements of the ceremonial elephant............

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