Monday, 12 January 2009

I haz followers...........

Having added a new widget last week to garner blog followers, I am both amazed and delighted to have gained a grand total of six!

Most recent is Vicky Guile, whose miniature food is just fantastic! Before Vicky came Erika from Sweden who has a passion for roomboxes. Then San from Singapore, whose current project is a wonderful Indian palace!
Debbie from Tiny Treasures is also a follower.........her blog is an absolute delight and Happy Birthday Debbie!
Rosanna from Italy's blog is a mixture of miniatures and inspirational photography.

Last but not least, my very first followers are an enigmatic couple who go under the pseudonym of PP-SD. I have no information other than they follow my blog, are both female, and live in the UK.


Debbie said...

Thank you Sandra for the Birthday Wishes. I love your blog, its had me in stitches.
Mini Hugs

erika said...

Thak you for the welcome as a follower on your wonderful blog

Mini hugs

San said...

Thank you for following my blog too. I too enjoy a grand total of 6 but it seems you now have 7..WOW!