Thursday, 8 January 2009

Zombie update.........

As I got up especially early this morning, I had some free time before starting work to indulge in some further zombie research.

As small dog was riding shotgun, and showed a keen interest in the 'Rrrraaarrrgghhh" noises coming from my laptop, we jointly decided to see if zombie dogs featured.

In particular, of the Yorkie variety.

Unpleasant and unsettling on so many levels.

However small dog is of the opinion that she could show any undead canine a clean pair of heels.

Speaking of which, she's cooling hers, waiting for me to get back to work so she can Google zombie squirrels.


tattyhousehastings said...

Ah - hello
Lovely to see a new reader! And I love your zombie dog, would make a fantastic scary model!
My daughter likes trawling the internet for scary dolls, rather like your dog and scary squirrels - all v. alarming, where do they get their ideas from?

Debbie said...

Sandra, can you imagine that Fat Squirrel as a Zombie. LOL..