Friday, 30 January 2009

What's in a name.............?

Am in full on displacement activity mode this morning. Having completed all drugs rounds, done two loads of washing, cleaned and tidied kitchen, plumped pillows etc etc, I now have a small window of opportunity for messing about.

Prompted by a tiny snippet in a recent post on one of the blogs I read regularly, I've discovered yet another great displacement activity tool.

Basically, you put your name in here and it comes up with useless 'facts'.

Unsurprisingly, Sandra Morris is a common guttersnipe name, shared with approximately 2,430 Americans. Also, apparently my personal power animal is the Black Widow Spider, which is, quite frankly, rubbish.

Especially for a card-carrying arachnophobe.

Rather more interestingly, small dog's personal power animal is the Sumatran Orangutan.

I defy you not to try it with your own name, that of your significant other, your friends pets etc.

Ok, I'm off now to vote in the Most Unfortunate Name poll on the site, or more accurately, to check whether the nominated names are actually real.

I mean, Dwayne Pipe............. come on.

DISCLAIMER - the author of this blog accepts no responsibility for loss of earnings due to time spent mucking about with the name tool thingy. What you do in your own/work time is your lookout.


rosanna said...

Well, I had time to throw away.... I found out that: my animal is the Sphinx cat ( do I have to worry? what sort of animal is this?)and that they stimate that in the whole of USA there might be 1 citizen with my name!!!
They don't know either the meaning of my name! Of course, it is a made up name linking Rosa and Anna!!
Nothing to say I am one of a kind.
....and so modest too ;-)
Talking seriously how is PP? I hope better. Mini hugs

Debbie said...

OK so I tried the displacement therapy as well..LOL..
I'm a Giant Weta, which looks like a giant grasshopper, but it can't jump!
Sorry of my life..
Hope all's well at home and PP is recovering..

Sandra Morris said...

What have I started?!
Ok, so not only have you two been on a displacement activity mission, you've also had to google your personal power animals. I have heard of a Sphinx cat but not a Giant Weta........ I can feel a spot of follow-up DA coming on :-)
PP is still poorly and in a great amount of pain which hopefully will subside over the coming week. Small dog and I are getting quite good at this nursing thing though.