Wednesday, 7 January 2009

I have a new widget..........

In my perambulations through the blogosphere this afternoon, I came across a pretty nifty new widget which I just couldn't resist.

It's just there on the left.

See it?

My "followers"

This doesn't mean 'follower' in a scary, stalkey-styley, but rather an endorsement by people who have stumbled across the blog, dallied for a while to peruse it, liked it, and wish to keep tabs on it, revisiting it from time to time in pursuit of the nirvana of blogdom, ie displacement activity.

It's easy to add yourself as a 'follower' so if the fancy takes you, I'd be pleased to make your virtual acquaintance.


Debbie said...

Ha Ha Sandra, you can see us all now..

Debbie said...

Hi Me again, could we see some photo's of the inside of your Toy Shop. Pretty please with Sugar on Top..

Sandra Morris said...

I've been meaning to post photos of the toy shop interior for ages but simply haven't got round to it. Story of my life.
I'll take some over the next few days and post them in all their technicolour glory very soon :-)