Monday, 12 January 2009

Zombie computer..............

Much of yesterday was taken up with cryogenically storing our business computer, which has now been rushed into intensive care somewhere 'oop north' for extensive tests to identify the source of a life-threatening motherboard problem.

This has necessitated us having to disinter and reanimate our old pc. which is now doing a fair impression of a zombie computer in terms of speed (or lack of) and the 'Rraaarrrggghhh' sounds which we make while it trundles along.

It wouldn't surprise me if we took the case off and discovered it is operated by a squad of highly intelligent voles armed with an abacus and set of Scrabble letters.

As regular readers of this blog will no doubt be aware, my dedication to research is second to none *ahem* so to assuage my sense of unease about using an undead pc, I spent some time checking my theory and came up with this..... zombie computers

Be very afraid.


Debbie said...

I see you've been doing some displacement therapy again...LOL

Sandra Morris said...

How very dare you? It was pure research....honest ;-)