Monday, 19 January 2009


Not much good stuff in my news feeds this morning. The usual sprinkling of doom and gloom about the economy, our prospects, the weather etc.

Plus this

What worries me is that nowhere in that news article does anyone question how a poisonous spider came to be lurking with menace in a bedroom in Cumbria.

I'll definitely be checking behind the bedroom door later, just in case. Oh, and for fellow arachnophobes, this is what the little bugger looks like.


Debbie said...

Bit worrying that Poisonous Spiders are now in the UK.. I normally pick them up and put them outside. I'm one of the lucky ones who isn't frightened of our eight legged friends. But think it may be a case of suck them up the hoover now!..

tattyhousehastings said...

I think all spiders are a little poisonous, and they are out to get us.
So I'm not surprised, just even more scared than I was before.