Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Burns Night shenganigans............

Despite warnings of storms and gale force winds towards the end of the week, we're off camping on Thursday.

Flying in the face of reason, we're meeting up with camping friends for three days of celebrations and debauchery based around my national bard's day. Two of us are Scottish, and the other four are sympathisers, so it should be fun, if a tad blowy. Kilts are probably inadvisable.

PP and I are responsible for the Burns Supper, and I aim to locate a fresh haggis tomorrow.
Of course, if I were in Scotland, I would be out on the moors in the hours before dawn, in the hope of catching a wild one, but instead I am forced to rely on Tesco for a farmed version. Not my first choice, but farmed haggis are less tough and stringy, and they come ready skinned, removing the need for a blowtorch, which in a small campervan might be risky.

Also on the menu will be something creative with Scottish Smoked Salmon, and my favourite Scottish pudding..... Cranachan.

As I write, I am printing out copies of my special Burns Night quiz, which will sort out the Scots from the Sassenachs. Appropriate prizes, will, of course, be up for grabs.

Apparently, one of our party will be taking special 'haggis catching knickers'. I won't mention any names.........yet.
Personally, I will be taking thermal pyjamas, fluffy bed socks and an extra duvet. The jury is still out on whether a 'bed hat' is advisable.

Small dog's packing is also underway........she has to take her blanky, jumper, coat and fleecy pyjamas, plus all the usual paraphernalia, plus the new squeaky toy she got for Christmas, which I'm really hoping she'll puncture quite soon so that it no longer squeaks.

Wish the weather forecast was a little less tumultuous though....................


erika said...

I wouldn´t camp under those conditions.
When it´s hard winds in Sweden, I´m always afriad to wake up in the middle of the night of the sound that one of my windows in the room is bloing in and that it´s a million of glasspeace all over the floor and that I have to vaccume the floor.
Beacuse I don´t want my cat to have a glasspeace in her paw.

Sandra Morris said...

We Scots are a hardy breed Erica ;-)

Actually I am a bit apprehensive, but we've camped in storms and high winds many times and apart from a relatively sleepless night we should escape unscathed.
If it's very bad, small dog will take shelter under the bed, so long as there's room for all three of us!

rosanna said...

I know Scots are tough but does it seem reasonable to go out camping in such conditions? what I'd fear most would be to stay close in a camper. I'm not afraid by high winds (Genoises are hardy breed as well) but I suffer from claustrophobia! Have a great time.
Happy that PP is feelig good.

Debbie said...

Lets hope the camper vandoesn't go the way of our Trampoline...

Debbie said...

Sandra when you get back please call over to my blog. There is an award there for you.

erika said...

You have a thing to pick up on my blog

erika said...

You have an award to pick up on my blog