Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Dental trauma........

I had a check-up at the dentist this afternoon.

Thankfully, everything toothwise was OK, and nothing needed doing, which was a relief, but my head and mouth are still jangling from the drilly/poky thing he used to scale and polish. Also he put the chair so far back that my head was lower than my feet so I went all swimmy.

For some obscure reason he had two dental nurses/assistants and they were chatting away to each other non-stop the whole time, not paying the slightest attention to what they were supposed to be doing. So the one who should have been watching what she was doing with the squirty water and suction tubes in my mouth was completely distracted and the tubes were everywhere except where they should be. At one point the squirty water tube was so far down my throat I thought I was going to drown, and the suction tube got stuck on my face.

Eventually, after I gagged on the squirty water tube, the dentist told her off, but not before I was at at point where I wanted to grab both tubes and ram them down HER throat.

Hastings town centre is wall-to-wall Christmas but there was precious little festive cheer to be had. In the shopping centre there is an animatronic Santa's Grotto already juddering away, and outside in the square what looks like two wooden sheds have been erected for no discernible purpose. Surely they can't intend to shatter childhood illusions by having TWO competing grottoes, complete with twin Santas!

It's been a horrid, grey, cold, wet, windy day, yet again and the house feels very dark.
Sod carbon footprints, I want every downstairs light on in an attempt to banish the gloom.


Anonymous said...

I am pleased you didn't have to have anything done.

I was at the dentist yesterday and had two fillings - no injection and the scale and polish too. Just getting over the trauma and came in here and read about it all over again. I think the scale and polish is worse than any other treatment.

Still - on the good side - it is six months before we need to go back which has to be a plus.


Sandra Morris said...

2 fillings with no injection!!!!?
You're much braver than I am.

I have check-ups every three months which seems a bit excessive but he's quite a new dentist and I think he needs the practice.

depesando said...

I walked through the town in the late afternoon - just as the light was fading and the squally wind and rain were kicking up again, it reminded me of photographs from the eastern block in the sixties and seventies - grey, depressing and shabby - the 'ice rink' was particularly pathetic, all the ice had tuned to mush and they had turned the music up loud to drown out the cries of distressed children. Then I walked along the seafront and it really cheered me up - Hastings can be a lovely town.

Sandra Morris said...

Ah, so what I saw wasn't two garden sheds, it was part of the 'ice rink'...

If I'd known I'd have taken a closer look, rather than scurrying past through the driving rain.