Monday, 23 November 2009

Sold out city...........


I've just finished going through all our stock boxes, made a list of what we still have, and spent a while going through the website systematically removing toys which we sold on Saturday.

As a result, the website now looks very bare, so tomorrow my primary task will be to upload as many of the remaining new toys which hadn't been listed on the website in advance of the last two fairs.

These will include several new exotic animal pullalong toys, a boy's magic set and a really fantastic boy's toy tool set, as well as some new handpainted puppets, wicker prams and a selection of boxed Jumeau style doll's dolls.

Also, over the past two weeks since the Charmandean Fair, only the bare minimum of housework has been done, as we have been heads down working hard towards KDF. I looked around this morning as if I had awoken from a dream and the house looks as though it's been ransacked. So some major clearing up and clearing out is also the order of the day. I can't believe how messy and unkempt everywhere looks..... especially the workroom and the office.

I'm hoping that rolling my sleeves up and getting stuck into some clearing and cleaning will be cathartic, as I can put my brain in neutral and give some serious thought to moving on to new things. I can then sit down in a (hopefully) tidy, sparkling clean room and sketch out a plan of campaign for my new projects, about which I'm really, REALLY excited.


Debie Lyons said...

Twas lovely to meet you Sandra and PP. Your stand looked great. Glad you had a good show and I am looking forward to seeing your new projects.
Debie xxxx

julie campbell said...

Your new toys sound great Sandra.
I love this "taking stock" time after a fair . I'm all packed and ready to go for my last fair thanks to a manic dollmaking stretch this month and am now officially on holiday and..........decorating the house after living with bare plaster for months :0) Cant wait to start the new year with my new ideas so know how you must be feeling about yours
julie xxx