Friday, 6 November 2009

Multi tasking like a maniac..........

Feel like I'm spinning plates while juggling, while riding a unicycle.

On ice.

I really want to get most of the fair prep done and dusted today so that I can take it relatively easy tomorrow. Of course it won't work out like that.

I'll still be working at midnight tonight and tomorrow will be more of the same.

I'm desperately trying to do several things at once........
  • Print copies of our new brochure
  • Replace magenta ink cartridge on new printer
  • Dash out to bank for cash float
  • Set up display on dining room table
  • Hunt for stepped display shelves (subsequently found under bed in the spare room covered with dust and cobwebs)
  • Check lights
  • Hunt for spare bulbs
  • Package remaining items (why are there so many of them?)
  • Price everything
  • Make advertising poster
  • Check fair box to see what we don't have enough of (even though it's way too late to replace stuff anyway)
  • Try in vain to keep track of 'to do' lists
  • Add stuff to 'to do' lists which have already been done, purely to give me the satisfaction of ticking them off
  • Decide on outfit
  • Discover outfit needs to be washed
  • Wash outfit
  • Try really, really hard NOT to fall into panic spiral. It's only a fair after all!
  • Put bottle of something cheering into the fridge for later.
These are only the things I can think of. There are many, many more which I won't remember until I collapse into bed later, just before I fall asleep without making a note of them.

WHY do I choose to put myself through this...............?


rosanna said...

Because you love every bit of it!Good night Rosanna

dales_dreams said...

I so hear you!

Good luck, dear! :)