Saturday, 14 November 2009

The storm after the storm......

We've taken a real battering here on the East Sussex south coast today. Much worse than yesterday, with gale-force winds and biblical rain lashing the windows.

The rear garden of the house over the road from us faces onto the road and their entire back fence blew down. Two increasingly frustrated chaps spent several windswept hours trying to prop it up with long wooden poles. Each fresh gust of wind just blew it down again.

This was all quite entertaining as a spectator sport, but what goes around comes around and my schadenfreude was rewarded not long afterwards when one of our fence panels snapped with a loud crack and ended up leaning precariously over our recently planted shrubs.

Having mocked the Heath Robinson efforts of the people over the road, we were then forced to perform an emergency 'bodge' of our own, bracing an old wooden pallet up against the panel in an effort to keep it upright. We judged this to be especially urgent as there was no wire fencing behind it (as there is with the rest of the fence) so Small Dog had a ready make escape route, into next door's garden, out onto the road and into potential oblivion.

However, Small Dog hasn't shown much inclination to experience the great outdoors today. She's not keen on wind and rain at the best of times and perhaps she feared being swept up in a vortex.

So, today I've been moderately industrious, working on some new Jack-in-the-Boxes, which I'm hoping to finish tomorrow.

Best laid plans and all that..........

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