Saturday, 7 November 2009

Organised chaos........

It's 6.00pm and needless to say we're still not completely packed and ready.

This is mainly due to the fact that instead of remaining focused yesterday, I decided to completely redesign the labels which decorate the front of the little boxes for our toy dolls packaging.

What possessed me I have no idea.

This meant re-formatting the image, calculating the size to the nearest nano-millimetre, getting the colours EXACTLY right, doing test prints, printing out the new labels, painstakingly cutting them out, placing them EXACTLY in the correct position on the box lids.........

Needless to say it wasn't a five minute job. It took several hours, which quite possibly could have been better spent. However the boxes do now look absolutely fabulous and I'm very, very pleased with them.

The devil is ALWAYS in the detail.

So, as a result, I've been chasing my tail all day today, and finally, all that remains is going through the extensive checklist to see what we've forgotten.

When that final task is done, I can relax for the rest of the evening, although I must have an early night as we have to get up at stupid o'clock tomorrow morning in order to pack the car (in the dark) and set off in order to get to Worthing for 8 a.m.

Small Dog will blink uncertainly in the pre-dawn gloom and grumpily request that we put the light out before we go. She will then snuggle down cosily in her blanky until her designated 'dog sitter' arrives at a much more civilised hour.

This will be my first fair since February, which I had to do with Gorgeous Daughter as Perfectionist Partner was recovering from her cardiac crisis and wasn't well enough to go.
To think I used to do over 20 fairs a year, plus teach classes/ workshops/courses/club projects! I don't know where I used to find the energy.

So, if any blog readers are visiting the Charmandean Fair tomorrow please do stop and say hello. We could do with all the moral support we can get!


depesando said...

ah - slightly off topic ( good luck BTW ) but I had to cast a hand model once - and I can tell you - that picture is of an exceptionally good hand, even with re-touching, it's excellent - try putting your own fingers in that position and see ho far you get - and don't even get me started on the time when I had to shoot women's feet and ankles in expensive shoes!!!

Sandra Morris said...

Just goes to show what inordinately good taste I have...

I picked that image out of hundreds from a generic 'crossed fingers' image search.

Wish my hands looked like that.

rosanna said...

She is here !!!!! do you mind if I call the tiger She? She is wonderful, so much better in real than in pic or video. i'm in love with her !!!! Thank you very very much! Rosanna

Sandra Morris said...

So glad 'she' arrived safely Rosanna, and very pleased that you like her so much!


julie campbell said...

Good luck Sandra, havea great fair, knock 'em dead ! ( but not before they put their hands in their pockets !!)
Hope its a great day and then you can come home and panic like me about kensington .........
Pudsey was quiet yesterday for most of the stand holders but its a mixed blessing as at least I know I definitely have something to go on the table in 2 weeks time :0)
julie xxx